Current Residents

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress,
working together is success."
—Henry Ford

2023-24 Chief Residents

Our chief residents sat down for a Q&A...

What's Next? Class of 2023

Where the residency class is now working in their first roles after graduating...

Get to know our Wisconsin Badgers

“The passionate faculty here are able to balance the pressures of seeing volume and providing great care while integrating on-shift teaching, no matter how busy the ED gets.”

– Jessica Edgecomb, MD, ‘21

“Residents get to experience being attendings with high volume and high acuity while working a really manageable shift load, which allows time for us to explore our passions.”

– Ilan Kolkowitz, MD, ‘20

“UW as a strong leadership team steering the direction of the residency program and the department, and I wanted to be part of the culture here.”

– James Elliott, MD, MS, PGY 2 resident