Resident Coaching Program

The role of our coaches

To be an ally and advocate for you during your residency journey to help you achieve your full potential. This approach is learner-centered and will revolve around your motivations, goals, and aspirations.

What coaching aims to achieve

  • To make feedback actionable. Your coach will help you synthesize your summative feedback, identify areas of growth that are most important to you, and help you create a feasible and tangible plan to help achieve your goals. Your coach will also provide you with more frequent feedback so that you can track your progress.
  • To individualize residency education. Your coach will help you identify gaps in all areas of your learning (medical knowledge, clinical translation, communication, administrative skills, etc.) and help you create a learning plan that is tailored to your strengths. Your coach will support you through accountability, assessing learning progress, and suggesting adjustments to your practice. Through this process, your coach is present to help you overcome obstacles as they arise, create new goals once you have achieved your previous ones, and help you recognize your progress.
  • To create longitudinal relationships. Your coach will get to know you really well and vice versa. Your coach will be an ally and advocate for you during your residency career and connect you with mentors who can help you progress toward your career aspirations.

Other exciting opportunities

Each coach family (coach + residents) will have the opportunity to connect and build relationships through team-building events throughout the year. This opens the door for near-peer mentoring in each family. In addition, we host an annual “Mega Event” to gather all coach families for a day of fun and competition.

Residency Coaches for 2023-2024

Including their professional clinical and teaching focus areas:

  • Stephannie Acha-Morfaw, MD – EDI/Education/Wellness
  • Michelle Hughes, MD – Simulation
  • Corlin Jewell, MD* – Resident & Medical Student Education
  • Dana Loke, MD, MS – QI & Patient Safety
  • Joe-Ann Moser, MD, MS – Resident Education
  • David Tillman, MD* – Medical Student Education

*graduate of the University of Wisconsin emergency medicine residency program

“I chose UW because of the family feel of the program, where residents are supported both academically and in their personal lives. The program also continually strives for improvement, turning feedback into action.”

-Megan Barthels, MD, Class of 2026