Med Flight

Fellow Experience

Operating since 1985, UW Med Flight is among the most well-known and respected critical care transport services in the country and provides world-class scene and inter-facility critical care transport services for Wisconsin, northern Illinois, and eastern Iowa. Med Flight is one of the only helicopter EMS (HEMS) programs in the United States staffed by attending physicians on every flight. A team of 30 physicians operates three twin-engine aircraft with state-of-the-art aviation technology alongside an experienced pilot and nurse.

UW is one of the few programs in the U.S. to provide high-impact HEMS training to residents and fellows where they manage critically ill and injured adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. They also gain extensive procedural and administrative experience outside of the traditional ED setting.

“Taking care of critically ill patients in a variety of settings has improved my critical care skills and knowledge base. Learning how to adapt to all of the clinical scenarios that we see on Med Flight will has also helped me expand my problem-solving toolkit as a physician. I’ve also learned a lot about the different we can expand healthcare systems to support rural communities.” – Zachary Forcade, MD, Med Flight Fellow 2021-22

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